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Tesla Energy manufactures the Powerwall 2 home battery.   Powerwall 2 is a home battery that charges during the day using electricity generated from solar PV panels and stores this energy for use in the home during times of reduced PV production or at night.  This allows Powerwall owners to achieve greater benefits from their PV system by storing valuable electricity during the day instead of selling this electricity back to KIUC at a reduced rate.  Powerwall 2 can store up to 13.5kWh of electricity and provide up to 5kW of continuous power to loads within the home.  For homes with higher electricity storage and power demands, a second Powerwall can be added to the system efficiently to double the output capacity of the energy storage system without the need for an additional inverter.

Powerwall 2 has been developed using the most state of the art Lithium Ion battery technology to safely and effectively power your home.  This technology has been developed and refined in Tesla’s automotive division and is now available for home use.  Not only does the Powerwall incorporate the most advanced Lithium Ion technology to provide a long lasting, efficient energy storage solution, and it also comes in a very attractive enclosure.  Current generation home batteries are bulky and expensive to install.  Powerwall comes in a sleek package that mounts conveniently on a wall to save valuable floor space and provide an attractive energy storage solution.  Powerwall can be located either indoors or outdoors in a covered area.  Powerwall has a 10-year warranty and requires no maintenance over the life of the battery. Powerwall 2 can be monitored and managed with the Tesla App.

A Nathan Wood General Contractor Powerwall system will typically include solar panels, an inverter for DC to AC power conversion, a battery charge meter, and for backup applications, a secondary load center that powers select appliances.  If your home is not equipped with solar, Powerwall will charge from utility power.

Renewable Energy Technologies has been approved by Tesla Energy as a Tesla Energy Authorized Reseller as well as a Tesla Energy Certified Installer, giving Renewable Energy Technologies the knowledge and resources to both design and install a Tesla Powerwall in your home.

For more information on Tesla and Powerwall, please visit the Tesla website:


The Solar Roof is designed from the ground-up to be a high-performance roofing material. Made with tempered glass, the Solar Roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles and engineered for all-weather durability. Wind rate up to 166mph and a fire rating of Class A UL 790 (best fire rating). The Solar Roof includes two types of glass tiles: a solar tile and a non-solar tile. They are virtually indistinguishable from street level. Each tile measures at 15"x45" with a roof pitch of 2:12 to 20:12. During the design phase, Tesla energy experts will determine the correct number of solar tiles based on your energy needs. The solar tiles, power, and weatherization are included under a 25-year warranty. Tesla also provides 24/7 seamless monitoring of both your Powerwall and Solar production. For further information, please visit the Tesla Solar Roof website at:



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