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Solar Air Conditioning


Home air conditioners are quickly becoming a standard for comfort during hot summer months.  Yet air conditioners consume more energy than any other standard household appliance, up to 30% of your home’s total demand!  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could achieve more cooling as the days get hotter and the more the sun shines?  You can with solar air conditioning.


Unlike conventional A/C units that use utility electricity, solar air conditioners are powered by dedicated, off-grid solar panels, so you can generate free power to run your AC system while reducing your overall electricity bill.  Like other solar installations, solar air conditioning systems qualify for state and federal tax incentives.


In addition to cost savings, solar A/C systems offer environmental benefits such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


Nathan Wood General Contractor is pleased to bring solar powered air conditioning systems to Kauai!  The system we offer is a low energy, zero emission, ductless hybrid split system that is AHRI certified as an Energy Star rated SEER 21 system.  This system’s direct DC design also reduces loss of efficiency.  This system is suitable for both residential and small office environments.  For larger spaces we combine standard high efficiency air conditioning units with a grid tied solar PV system.


With Federal and State solar tax credits still intact, PV-powered systems remain the best solution for cooling your home or business. 


Solar Attic Fans


Solar attic fans are another affordable home cooling option offered by NWGC to maximize your energy savings.  One of the most common reasons homes heat up in the summer is that the attic is not properly ventilated. As a result, the attic air spaces can exceed 150F during the day, and all that heat slowly leaks through your attic ceiling insulation as well as back out through the roof, so that your upstairs rooms (often including the bedrooms) stay hot even at night. Ventilating the unfinished attic space will help reduce the cooling load on your house.


 A solar powered attic fan can do just that, creating a simple form of solar powered cooling.  A properly ventilated roof is not only better in terms of keeping your house cool, but will do a better job of preserving the attic rafters and the quality of attic/ceiling insulation by exhauting excessive moisture which can cause rust on fasteners and wood rot, in addition to inhibiting the growth of mold and fungus which can cause respiratory problems.


NWGC offers top of the line solar attic fans built in the U.S.A. using only the highest rated materials under rigorous quality control standards.  Our attic fan products are weather-tight, maintenance-free, and covered by an exceptional warranty.


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