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"I would like to thank you and your crew for the excellent work you did on The Hee Fat Building recently.  As business people we were dreading having construction during business hours.  Your crew was extremely professional and very considerate to our customers.  I used to open restaurants on the mainland before moving to Kauai and had to work around many construction crews.  Your guys were the nicest, cleanest and most efficient at their jobs of any crew I have ever worked with.  Mahalo for the nice work you did."     - Jakki, GM Olympic Cafe


"The re-roofing of my home was completed today.  Nathan, I can't thank you enough for all you have done to help me with this re-roofing and solar project."     - Barb, Lihue

"We interviewed a few solar PV companies before selecting Nathan Wood.  We liked the fact that his was an established local contracting firm, and that he spoke to the concerns I had about the installation methods, etc.  One of the other [solar PV installers] had installed systems for friends of ours, and our friends were okay with the final product, but disappointed with the installation process.


Nathan's crew, on the other hand, was more than efficient.  They handled all of the planning and permitting well, and the project moved along quickly.  Once permits were granted, the crew was on site [in] a day or two, then the county inspector signed off within another day or so, and the panels were installed.  Another inspection followed, the system was activated, and we've been saving money since.


By the way, we contracted Nathan for two systems.


Bottom line, we think Nathan's company is the best choice for Kauai."     - Steve & Monica, Kekaha


"Nathan Wood was amazing to work with from the very first phone call.  We actually built our home, which was completed in April of 2013, and before we started the process I contacted numerous solar companies on Kauai to get a quote.  After leaving lots of messages and receiving no call backs, which upset my husband and I, we thought that maybe solar PV was something that we would need to wait to do.  After meeting with our Honsador representative and telling her our dilemma she handed me a brochure from Nathan Wood [General Contractor] and told me he is a local Kauai boy, born and raised.  This made our decision an easy one as we wanted to make sure that the company we chose would be around for a long time and is not only on the island for the solar hype, then pack up and leave all their customers behind to fend for themselves.


After leaving a message one afternoon, not even an hour after that I got a call back.  He was very friendly on the phone and I mentioned to him our situation: we were only looking for a quote at the time as we needed it to add onto our construction bid.  The next day I sent him our blue prints, told him our address, and he sent us two quotes within a day, [and] called me back to explain each quote and told me to call him should I need anything else in the meantime.  Months went by till we finally started our construction process and when I called Nathan and updated him on our status he remembered me!  Which made me feel like he really takes the time to get to know each customer and since I work in the customer service industry, being treated with respect and remebering a guest/customer really hits your heart.  Finally it was time to install our system.  I called Nathan and told him our contractor said we could schedule a time to begin the installation.  The very next day Nathan and his crew went out to our home and started the installation process.  Once our home was done one of his engineers came out and met with my husband and I to show and explain how our PV system and how it works. He told us about our meter and how to read it, [and] set up our lifetime monitoring system.


Nathan and his crew are one of the most helpful, friendly, and accommodating people we have ever met.  They always put our needs first and made sure we were satisfied.


I hope you make the right decision and choose Nathan Wood cause I know you will feel as happy as we do with an amazing Kama'aina company!"     - Albette, Waimea

"Your growth over the past few years has been truly remarkable.  I have enjoyed watching you successfully compete against the big guys from the other islands.  You have developed a positive reputation by operating with integrity and building a loyal following, using word of mouth referrals.  That seems to be your secret weapon against your much less local competitors.  Your loyalty to me is genuinely appreciated.  I am looking forward to helping you and your team thrive in 2014!  Much Mahalo for your continued support!"     -Robert 

Thank you so much for making the installation of our PV system seamless and worry free.  We really appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail by you and your staff."     -Coy, Lihue

"Nathan and his crew are such a pleasure to work with!  They are not only excellent in their individual positions, but also very friendly, courteous and honest.  We installed a home PV system and security lighting and everything went smoothly and along the timelines that Nathan had projected.  He was frequently on the job site making sure that things went well, and we appreciated his commitment to quality and service.  We have already referred him to other friends and will continue to do so.  Mahalo for all of your hard work."            -Butch and Alana, Lihue

"Renewable Energy Technologies (RET), a local green business, designs and delivers state-of-the-art photovoltaic (PV) systems among other fine construction services.  Nathan Wood, general contractor and project manager for RET, is a pleasure to work with; he keeps you in-the-loop throughout the entire process from design conception to system installation.  Nathan clearly takes pride in developing and commisioning renewable energy projects, which greatly benefit his clients.


For a Kauai homeowner, a PV system may be an unbeatable investment.  I know for certain, our new 8-panel solar array is the best use of funds my ohana has made in a long time.  With current Hawaii State and Federal tax credits, our PV system is on track to pay for itself in utility bill savings in less than five years.  This corresponds to a solid double-digit return on invested capital---more than 10-times what you can expect to earn in a bank CD.  Our PV system is performing as promised, and I cannot express how satisfying it is to eliminate the electric bill and receive dividends whenever the sun is shining.  If you own your own home, you owe it to yourself to give Nathan a call, and see the potential savings for yourself."     -Paul, Wailua Homesteads


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