Nathan Wood General Contractor, LLC is an Authorized Reseller and Certified Installer of Tesla's Powerwall home battery system.  Powerwall is the latest technological advance in integrated solar PV energy storage for your home.


How does it work?  It's simply daytime night.



Solar Power When The Sun Goes Down


What if the excess electricity produced by your solar system could be captured and stored for use at night?  It can, Nathan Wood General Contractor and Tesla makes it possible.  Tesla Powerwall collects excess solar electricity produced by your PV system during the day and makes it available for use at night.  Instead of pushing electricity back to the grid, you capture and retain the power you produce.


Powerwall effectively turns your home's solar panels into a round-the-clock power resource.  The result is greater use of the electricity your PV system produces and reduced energy costs for you.




Features and How It Works


Powerwall 2 uses rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology to power your home safely and economically.  Powerwall installs easily, is completely automated, and maintenance-free.  The battery unit is wall mounted and rated for both indoor and outdoor installation.


Powerwall 2 is designed to integrate with new solar or operate as a stand-alone unit.  Powerwall 2 has a 13.5 kWh storage capacity, which is sufficient to power most homes during the evening using daytime-generated solar electricity.  Multiple batteries can be installed for higher or custom energy needs.  Powerwall 2 can be monitored and managed with the Tesla App.


A Nathan Wood General Contractor Powerwall system will typically include solar panels, an inverter for DC to AC power conversion, a battery charge meter, and for backup applications, a secondary load center that powers select appliances.  If your home is not equipped with solar, Powerwall will charge from utility power.

Powerwall Photo Gallery


For more information about the Tesla Energy Powerwall system contact Nathan at 639-8776 or reserve yours now.



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